Return Policy

If you ever run into an issue where you receive a cable and it is not working we will setup a video chat to ensure there is no user error or other factors not considered. If after the call the cable issue is not resolved we will send you a shipping label and we will send you out a replacement after we receive the defective cable. 


Wait Times

During the holidays there is inevitably an influx in purchases. Due to this wait times may be increased. It won't be anything substantial. At most a cable shipment could be delayed 5 days on top of the original time. Now keep in mind this is the worst cases scenario and our team ensures to try their hardest to get that awesome cable to you promptly!


Customer Suggestions

If you have any suggestions for specific color waves or even a themed cable based off of a keycap set feel free to email us and we will consider adding the color wave to our product line!

Our team is also considering adding colored detachable connectors so if that is something that you would like to see please let us know as well!